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grafika o firmiekołki drewnianeThe long-lasting, well-established position in the market is a testimony of the unaltered, high quality of our products.więcej
grafika produktyprodukcja kołków meblowychOur product range features solid and professionally made wooden dowels for furniture industry.więcej
grafika kontaktdostawca kołków drewnianychVisit our office in Parchowo. If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail or phone.więcej

Narrow specialisation is the key to success!

Our company supplies furniture dowels and poles to many factories in Poland. We have been awarded FSC® 100% certificate. The recognition we have gained bears fruit in our constant development and our client base expanding since 1990, this including furniture accessory wholesalers and joineries. We supply to over 100 companies. We gain and share our experience together with our long-term employees.

Since 1990, we have focused on manufacturing high-quality wooden dowels for manual and automatic assembly; we adjust to our clients’ needs and supply the exact dowels they demand,
in a short time.

Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy Ryszard Bigus
ul. Kartuska 60, 77-124 Parchowo, T: 668 674 137